To win negotiations, use the reject-then-retreat strategy.

From negotiating your phone bill to asking for a raise, you’ll have to negotiate many times in your life Good negotiation skills will help you get the best value for your money.

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  1. Make a bigger demand first, but do it right.
    The first step of the reject-then-retreat strategy is to demand more than you actually want. However, the bigger demand shouldn’t be unrealistic, or you’ll come across as insincere.

  2. Wait for the other person to reject it.
    The other person should reject this demand, considering that this may be more than their predetermined budget.

  3. Make a smaller demand.
    Now make a smaller demand. This works because the other person thinks that you’re compromising by reducing your demands.

  4. Be ready to play from the receiving end of this strategy.
    Now you know how to use this strategy. But you could be the person with whom this game is played. In this case, have a baseline amount in mind, acknowledge the pattern of this strategy, and reject their smaller demand to win the negotiation.

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