Put great effort into your commitment.

You can use this technique to hack commitment in daily life. Want to become a hard worker? Commit to your own “hell week” where you’ll do at least 10 hours of work each day. Then give yourself a reward when you reach your goal.

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The psychological importance of effort.
In college fraternities, the initiation process includes “hell week,” during which new pledges have to go through tests of physical exertion, psychological strain, and social embarrassment. These challenges are important because we highly value those things that take a lot of effort to come by.

  1. Find ways to put a lot of effort into your commitment.
    Find ways to put great effort in your commitment. For example, if you want to have a great physique, find a gym partner, throw out all the junk food in your house, and buy healthy foods and any supplements needed.

  2. Execute.
    Once you find a way to put in great effort, execute it. Ideas without execution are worth nothing.

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