To run a business successfully, take care of three aspects: technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial.

Many businesses die because they have no vision or are started by people who think that they will enjoy doing the same work while running a business. So by using this knowledge, you’ll not only be able to start a business, but also sustain it for a long time.

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The technical aspect of running a business.
The technician loves his craft and wants to be the best at it. For example, a guitar player loves to play new rhythms and melodies.

The managerial aspect of running a business.
The manager is responsible for planning, order, and predictability. She wants to be productive, build systems, take care of boring chores, and buy the right equipment.  

The entrepreneurial aspect of running a business.
The entrepreneur is the visionary who can sniff future trends out of thin air and sets a solid vision for the company. He is about future possibilities, strategy, innovation, problem-solving, creativity, and vision.

  1. Take care of all three aspects.
    You need to realize that if you love what you do at your job, it won’t be the same once you start your business. You’ll have to do the boring work of the manager and become the visionary and problem-solver like the entrepreneur.

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