Create a business whose results are systems-dependent rather than people-dependent.

A people-dependent business cannot run itself after you retire or leave it. A systems-dependent business will run itself and give you the freedom to do other things in life. You can take a couple years off to travel and explore the world, or you can start another business.

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People-dependent business.
If your business is dependent on people, then it will give different results depending on the moods of the people.

Systems-dependent business.
A system is a basic design used to produce the products or services of your business. If your business is dependent on a system, it will produce the same result in all situations. For example, McDonald’s makes burgers using the same recipe, or system, in all of its stores around the world.

  1. Build systems to make your business systems-dependent.
    Identify which parts of your business need your expertise, and then find a way to automate those parts by building efficient and replaceable systems. Such systems will ensure that any employee can use them without needing your supervision.

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