Have structure in your life, job, or business.

When you plan your work time, you’ll be able to create better results in a shorter duration, because when you don’t set goals and time frames, you waste a lot of time and energy on distractions. Moreover, planning leisure time makes life more meaningful than just killing time on a smartphone.

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How structure makes life more enjoyable.
People often mistake structure for boring routine. But the truth is that structure concentrates your energy and makes sure that you live your life to the fullest.

  1. Structure your work time.
    Set daily goals and then work on them within a set time frame. You can also allocate separate time slots for activities of different natures, such as organizing, technical work, innovating, etc.

  2. Structure your leisure time.
    Don’t think that you can just lay in your bed and stare at the ceiling. Have a proper routine, which may include socializing with family and friends, pursuing a hobby, watching your favorite TV series, and so on.

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