Work on the business, not in the business.

A smart entrepreneur understands that if the business will need him forever, then it will become a job. So if you use this knowledge, your business will become a self-sustaining asset that will bring you returns without needing your services. Also, you’ll have freedom to do other things in life, and freedom is priceless.

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What working in the business means.
When running a business, the natural tendency is to do what you’re already familiar with. So you try to make the product better, find better marketing channels, etc. This is called working in the business.

What working on the business means.
When you work on the business, your goal is to make it self-sustaining. A self-sustaining business, like McDonald’s, runs itself even when the owner isn’t working in it.

  1. Decide to work on the business.
    Make it your goal to make your business self-sustaining.

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