Identify your professional goal.

By identifying your top five highest-priority goals, you will not waste time trying to achieve goals that will not contribute to your overall success. If you find a shared theme across all five goals and further streamline your goal to come up with one large goal, you will save even more time and energy while still achieving success.

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  1. Write down a list of 25 professional goals.
    Brainstorm and come up with 25 professional goals you could achieve. Be as creative as possible!

  2. Circle the top five highest-priority goals and avoid the rest.
    What are the top five goals that are most important to your professional success? Circle them and look at the 20 you have left uncircled. These are the goals you should avoid at all costs. Do not try to achieve them—they will distract you from achieving your five most important goals.

  3.  Focus on the top five highest-priority goals.
    What common themes do those five goals have? You may find that all five serve one larger goal—make this larger goal your sole priority.

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