Close your open loops and keep all your to-dos in the physical world.

You can use any one of these three steps to stay productive and close all your open loops. Keep your to-do list in the present, and you won’t forget about it!

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  1. Old-school: Use an in-tray.
    Put all your mail, meeting notes, corporate reports, receipts, business cards, etc. in there, and start working your way through the pile.

  2. Old-school: Utilize writing paper or pads.
    Write down all the things you need to do, all your random ideas, etc.

  3. High-tech: Use digital and voice note-taking.
    Either save your pending work on your computer or smartphone, or leave yourself a voice message detailing what you still need to deal with. Alternatively, you can use email and texts to keep yourself on track.

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