Make a decision about your pending work and begin acting on it.

By making decisions about your pending work, you will be able to quickly de-clutter your tasks and take actionable steps toward completing projects.

Detailed steps for this action are only available in the app.

  1. Identify what work you need to get done.
    List all your ongoing projects. What do you need to do about them?

  2. Identify whether you can act on it now or not.
    Can you take action on your projects right now? If you can, move on to the third step. If you can’t, either throw it in the trash or put it on hold until you can act on it or keep it as a reference for other tasks.

  3. If you can take action right now, identify how long it will take.
    Can you complete the action in less than two minutes? If the answer is yes, then do it! If the answer is no, then delegate or defer the task (but be sure to mark a time on your calendar to get back to it).

If you have the app installed