Create a functional home workspace.

To truly be productive, you will need a workspace at home that is conducive to working.

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  1. Keep your workspace as private as possible.
    Don’t share this space with a partner—keep it as your own private workspace.

  2. Keep important things in your workspace.
    This refers to paper-holding trays (at least three), sufficient plain letter-size paper, a pen and pencil, Post-its, paper clips, a stapler and staples, Scotch tape, rubber bands, an automatic labeler, file folders, a calendar, a wastepaper basket, and your laptop. Include any other items you use frequently for work such as planners or notebooks.

  3. Utilize a filing system.
    Whether physical or digital, keep this filing system close to you and update it regularly. Use clear labels and the same system for all your information, e.g., A-Z. Clean this filing system out at least once a year—never let it be more than three-quarters full!

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