Support your thinking process.

To ensure you are thinking at your fullest capacity, you must create a conducive environment. Following these steps will create that conducive environment.

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  1. Have good writing tools around you at all times.
    Capture all your relevant ideas. A good tip is to use high-quality pens, as these may inspire you to think deeper because you want to use them. You should also keep paper around for the same reason you keep writing tools: you need somewhere to capture all your ideas. Whiteboards and easels are another good way to capture ideas, as they present a lot of space for you to jot down ideas, and they are also great in meetings.

  2. Use digital tools.
    Applications such as word processors, mind mappers, spreadsheets, and presentation programs can help you get all your ideas in one place. Plus, they can be easily edited.

  3. Establish a good reference-filing system.
    Keep all your notes and ideas filed away so you can refer to them whenever you need to.

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