Use the four-criteria model to make an immediate decision.

This decision-making model will help you arrive at a decision on what you are immediately going to do, or what you are not going to do. All you have to do is apply these four criteria in the order given.

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  1. Identify the context of the situation.
    What exactly is the problem you need to solve, or the issue you need to tackle?

  2. Think about how much time you have.
    Knowing how much time you have to act on a situation will help you plan out what exactly you can do.

  3. Think about the energy you have available.
    This will help you plan specific actions that you can take.

  4. Look at your remaining options.
    What actions can you take once you’ve taken context, time, and energy into account? Which of these actions will give you the highest payoff? Opt for that action. Access your intuition and use your own judgement to decide this.

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