Create checklists.

You can also use checklists for exercise regimens, traveling, weekly reviews, clients, year-end activities, etc. These checklists will ensure that you complete the tasks you say you will do.

Detailed steps for this principle are only available in the app.

  1. Pick a goal and break it down.
    Is it a career goal, a service goal, a familial goal, a relationship goal, a community goal, a financial goal, a creative expression goal, or a personal health and energy goal?

  2. Narrow your goal down further.
    For example, if you have a career goal, does it have to do with boosting your team’s morale, improving workflow, improving communication, etc.? Your goal can fit more than one of these narrowed-down descriptions—in fact, the more, the better!

  3. Add these narrowed-down descriptions to a checklist.
    Check them off as you achieve them!

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