Utilize the self-leadership theory.

Self-leadership is essentially an expansion of the concept of self-management. This is a process where you as an individual will control your own behavior. Any of the three types of strategies listed above can be used in order to control your behavior successfully so you can work toward achieving your goals.

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  1. Use the behavior-focused strategy.
    As the name indicates, you will raise your self-awareness by facilitating behavioral management. You will observe yourself, set goals for yourself, and reward and punish yourself. You will also engage in self-curing, which is when you provide a physical artifact to spur future action.

  2. Use the natural reward strategy.
    This strategy involves you creating situations where you will be more motivated to act. You will reshape unpleasant tasks or activities to make them more enjoyable, and focus on the rewarding aspects of tasks.

  3. Use the constructive thought pattern strategy.
    This strategy involves you creating ways of thinking that can positively impact performance. You will engage in self-talk and mental imagery, and replace dysfunctional beliefs and assumptions.

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