Follow a deep work philosophy that fits your circumstances.

Following a deep work philosophy will help you push through your limits and achieve great success in life. Most people want to have the flexibility that the deep work philosophies provide.

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  1. The monastic philosophy.
    In other words, you focus only on your work for a very long period and ignore everything else completely. In monastic philosophy, you have a clearly defined and highly valued professional goal (e.g., writing a book), and you succeed when you do this one thing exceptionally well.

  2. The bimodal philosophy.
    This philosophy is that you should divide your time into long stretches of deep work followed by a certain duration of shallow work. However, the long stretch of deep work must be at least one day long so that you reach your highest intensity of concentration.

  3. The rhythmic philosophy.
    The rhythmic philosophy argues that you must make deep work a daily habit, creating a daily rhythm.
    You can implement it with the chain method, in which you schedule the deep work every day and mark X on a calendar for every successful deep work session.
    A second way to implement the rhythmic philosophy is to set a fixed time during which you’ll work deeply.

  4. The journalistic philosophy.
    In the journalistic philosophy, you fit deep work into your days on the go and without any prior scheduling.

  5. Choose a philosophy that suits you.
    Depending on the distractions you need to deal with and the conditions of your workplace, choose a philosophy for yourself.

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