Use the four disciplines of execution to execute your deep work strategy.

By executing the four disciplines, you will become massively productive, creating new opportunities and a massive success for yourself.

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  1. Focus on the wildly important.
    Deep work is not meant to be done 10-12 hours a day. At maximum, you can work about four hours deeply. So only choose goals that are tangible and will produce substantial benefits if achieved.

  2. Act on the lead measures.
    They are two types of measures to track progress: Lag measures refer to the final results, and lead measures refer to your behaviors that drive the results. For example, if you want to lose weight, your weight is the lag measure, and the number of hours of exercise done is a lead measure.
    Always act on the lead measures; e.g., work more hours if you’re exercising, or fill in more applications if you’re job hunting.

  3. Keep a compelling scoreboard.
    The best way is to use a physical scoreboard and hang it on your wall.

  4. Create a cadence of accountability.
    Accountability means weekly meetings with your friends or yourself to discuss your progress in deep work. This is the most powerful step, as real execution happens here.

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