You must have both happiness and vision in order to live an extraordinary life.

A key ingredient of this state—bending reality—is that your happiness is not tied to attaining your vision. It comes from the pursuit of your vision, combined with a sense of gratitude for what you already have.

You may work 12 hours per day and be tired but not burned out. This is the only way to truly attain your goals—to be happy as you make the long, sometimes difficult climb toward great visions.

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In order to understand where you are with your vision and happiness, answer these eight statements with “Not at all true,” “Sometimes,” “True,” or “Very true.”

  1. I love my current job to the point where it does not feel like work.

  2. My work is meaningful to me.

  3. There are often moments at work that make me so happy, the time just flies by.

  4. When things go wrong, I don’t worry at all. I just know something good is on the horizon.

  5. I feel excited about my future, knowing even better things are always on their way.

  6. Stress and anxiety don’t faze me much. I trust in my ability to attain my goals.

  7. I look forward to the future because I have unique and bold goals on the horizon.

  8. I spend a good amount of time thinking excitedly about my visions for the future.

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