Learn to appreciate yourself.

Marisa Peer, #1 British therapist, suggests that all of us have a child within who never received all the love and appreciation we deserved.

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  1. Think about a quality or an action of yours that made you proud today.
    Maybe nobody else told you that they appreciated it, but it’s time that you affirmed it for yourself.

  2. Think about what it is about you as a human being that you can love.
    Is it your unique style? Did you solve a complex problem at work? Is it your way with animals? Your dance moves? Your jump shot? That awesome meal you cooked last night?

  3. You must pinpoint three to five things every day that make you proud to be who you are.
    You can identify qualities that are big or small.

  4. You can practice this simple self-affirmation when waking up or just before going to sleep.

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