Strengthen the beliefs that empower you and eliminate those that dis-empower you.

Strengthening the beliefs that empower you and turning them into convictions will help you adopt constructive attitudes and behaviors that will bring you closer and closer to success. Eliminating your disempowering beliefs will help you adopt a more positive, healthy attitude toward life.

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  1. Write down all the beliefs you have that empower you.
    They can be if-then beliefs (i.e., “If I work hard on my interpersonal relationships, they will flourish”), or global beliefs (i.e., “People are more good than bad”).

  2. Circle the three most empowering beliefs in your list.
    How have they positively affected your life? While you think about that, you may realize that some of these beliefs are the reason behind many of your successes.

  3. Turn these empowering beliefs into convictions.
    Strengthen these empowering beliefs and consider them a way of life.

  4. Write down all the beliefs that disempower you.
    They can be if-then beliefs (i.e., “If I go all-in in a relationship with a person, they will leave me”), or global beliefs (i.e., “People are more bad than good”).

  5. Circle the two most disempowering beliefs in your list.
    Question their very validity, and ask yourself how they will ultimately cost you emotionally, physically, and financially if you continue believing them. Tell yourself that you will no longer pay the toll these beliefs are taking on your life.

  6. Replace your disempowering beliefs with more empowering ones.
    For example, if your disempowering belief is that you will never go far because you are a woman, grab a piece of paper and write down, “I will achieve success as a woman because I have tools that others don’t at my disposal!”

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