Control your emotions with your motions.

The way you feel and the way you physically move are closely related. Every emotion you feel has a specific physiological pattern linked to it.

So, when you start to move in patterns linked to positive emotions, you will begin to feel those positive emotions.

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  1. Smile.
    The next time you feel upset, irritated, lonely, or any other negative emotion, smile! Put a physical smile on your face, and your emotions will start to become more positive. Remind yourself to smile at least five times a day for a permanent positive change in mood.

  2. Laugh.
    Laughing works even better than smiling when it comes to changing your mood. Ask someone who laughs a lot to teach you how to laugh, then mirror their exact movements. Remind yourself to laugh at least three times a day!

  3. Skip instead of jog.
    Instead of jogging, try skipping! This fun activity will shift your mindset to a happy, positive one.

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