Different is better than better.

Being just better is not enough. Being 20% faster or 20% nicer is not enough. Your product must be different, just like how Apple produced computers with a different operating system. All other companies (Lenovo, IBM, HP) were selling computers with Windows, and with only small differences in the hardware. In contrast, Apple was selling a computer that had a completely different user experience. Think about it when you create your own product. Be different, not just better.

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  1. List the top three reasons customers choose your competitors.
    Competitors are companies that address similar needs to the ones you plan to address.

  2. Next, think of a reason those customers would pick you instead.
    Only list reasons that don’t apply to the other companies. These reasons distinguish you.

  3. Make clear to your customers what distinguishes you.
    Make your customers feel special.

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