Be aware of the overblown fear of strangers.

Teaching your children how to navigate the world beyond their front yard will help them grow into resourceful, independent adults. It will keep them from being frightened, bewildered, and confused when they are eventually forced to be on their own in the streets.

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  1. Understand the statistics.
    Many of us perceive the outside world to be much more dangerous than it really is. We believe that strangers hide razor blades and needles in Halloween candy despite this theory being debunked. We believe that pedophiles and child predators are around every corner, despite statistics showing that child abduction rates (by strangers) are lower than ever.
    Look at real statistics and do not allow yourself to believe misleading and untrue theories.

  2. Teach your children street smarts.
    Instead of shielding your children from the outside world, teach them how to live safely in it. Teach them to walk with a friend instead of alone, and how to differentiate strangers who wish to do them harm from the ones who want to help them.

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