Learn to deal with hyperarousal.

Hyperarousal is the most common symptom felt by individuals with PTSD. It refers to a heightened sense of anxiety and stress, and it can result in anger, insomnia/sleeping problems, difficulty concentrating, engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as binge drinking, and more.

Hyperarousal is typically overlooked by Western psychiatric and psychological healing practices. Therefore, by turning to Eastern traditions such as yoga and breathing exercises, individuals with PTSD can find ways to cope with their hyperarousal.

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  1. Practice yoga.
    Ten weeks of yoga practice has been proven to reduce the symptoms of PTSD—this was even noticed in patients who had not responded to medication or any other types of treatment.

  2. Practice breathing techniques.
    Taking slow, deep breaths and staying focused on your breathing will help decrease hyperarousal. A good technique is to slowly breathe out while staying focused on your breath the whole time. Then, wait a moment before inhaling again. Think about the role oxygen plays in nourishing your body and keeping it alive.

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