Manage your loneliness.

Humans are social animals, and we need friendships and relationships to thrive. However, a lot of us feel lonely. The above steps will not only help you feel less lonely, they will help you help others to feel less lonely.

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  1. Understand that you are part of a community.
    The human community!

  2. Have an open heart filled with trust and friendship.
    Maintaining these two values will help you develop a sense of community with the other seven billion people on this planet, and you will never feel alone or lonely ever again.

  3. Extend affection and warmheartedness to those around you.
    This will bring inner strength and self-confidence, and help you reduce fear and develop trust in others so you can form meaningful relationships.

  4. Focus less on yourself and more on others.
    Not only does focusing on yourself lead to physical ailments such as stress and high blood pressure, but it also disconnects you from others.

  5. Help others feel a sense of community.
    Accept and embrace the presence of those around you.

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