Bookend your days.

It’s important to start your day in the right mood, so you can continue to achieve all day long. According to Steve Jobs, it’s best to keep this morning ritual to eight minutes long.

It’s equally as important to end your day in the right mood! Reflecting on your day will help you identify what you can do tomorrow, and reading an inspirational book before heading to bed will help you focus your attention on something constructive.

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  1. Use this eight-minute morning ritual to get in a positive mood.
    First, think about all the things you are grateful for. Then, send love to someone by imagining all that you wish and hope for them. Finally, think about the most important goal you have, and decide what are the three things you will do today to move closer to achieving it.

  2. Reflect on your day and wind down before you go to bed.
    Think about what you did today and compare it to what you hoped to do—were they in line? What can you do tomorrow to improve upon what you did today?
    Also, read at least 10 pages of an inspirational book before going to bed.

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