The HabitCoach Tribe

A 4-week program to get what you want
with help of our mobile app HabitCoach


We start on:

----, 2019

Why join us?

HabitCoach is a mobile application, where we summarized 100 best self-help books. From those books, we isolated around 1,500 single habits and principles. These habits and principles are the best you can find if you want to successful, whatever you define as a success. We define success as: being healthy, being happy, be financially secured, have healthy relationships and live with purpose. Does it sound like something you need?

Achievable Outcomes

  • Learn to manage your energy, not just the time
  • Create effective daily rituals
  • Massive Progress & Achievement Towards Your Goals
  • Learn a Productivity & Goal Setting Process You Can Use for the Rest of Your Life
  • More Confidence
  • More Focus
  • More Control in Your Life
  • Better Systems for Being Productive
  • Better Peace of Mind

How we gonna do this

  1. We start on August 26, 2019, with the initial 2-Hour Goal Setting Meeting (or call)
  2. Weekly Group Accountability and Educational Calls with Greg (1 hour)
  3. The final meeting after 4 weeks (September 23)

During the program you get:

  1. Free access to the full version of HabitCoach mobile app
  2. Access to private Facebook/Chat Group

Please note that the program is designed to take four weeks, there is no possibility to join later to this group. We are unsure if there will be more groups in the future.


Is it for you?

We created the tribe for everyone serious about achieving the goals that are important for them. We will have weekly calls, and sticking to them is crucial to see results.

This tribe is about a positive mindset, as this is essential to have long-term results. It's also about putting you out of your comfort zone. Do you have goals that you were postponing just because they feel uncomfortable to you? What would it feel like to accomplish them all? We will make sure that you focus on things that will have a significant impact on your life.


Ready to Start?

First, we would like to talk to you shortly, about how you develop your skills.

Click the button below, to schedule call with us.



"It's a good app that clearly shows you how you can expand your mind with knowledge from the books you read and ways to apply it directly and improve your life in general." - Imran, a user of HabitCoach, his public review on Google Play

"I wanted to change some things in my life, but I could not stick to anything. Frustrating! Then I thought about using my phone which goes with me everywhere. I stumbled upon HabitCoach and I immediately thought it was a fantastic idea. These folks have done the hard work of extracting the action steps from many of the best books available. These individual daily steps have been incorporated into this system that helps you turn daily actions into habits. And they are the good habits that you want because you choose them one at a time. I can’t explain it, but this is working for me. And now I use it on both my iPad and iPhone throughout the day and it always updates." - rdellagu, a user of HabitCoach, his public review on App Store


Meet the Facilitator, Greg Swierad

Greg is a startup founder/entrepreneur for 10 years. His background is IT (programming), however, after reading hundreds of books and participating in many offline and online workshops, he created a mobile application, that's probably the best self-development application available.

Greg was a digital nomad for 4 years, it means, he was living in such countries as Brazil, Canada, California (almost a country), Thailand, Taiwan, Spain. During the travel, Greg was more focused on meeting people that are high achievers, and not only visiting nice places.